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Our conveyors are known for their versatility and reliability. With the lowest profile and most compact design, our conveyors can fit almost anywhere where space is limited. We use only the finest quality materials for our components.

We take great pride in designing and manufacturing conveyors that will exceed your expectations, improve efficiency, maximize productivity, and reduce costs.

Our conveyors are the ideal choice for standardizing your entire facilities.

Accumulation conveyors are needed to ensure a steady supply of products to a machine or to hold the supply of products when a machine stops. We use low friction belts, such as urethane or modular plastic chain or mat-top chains, on our accumulation conveyors. The specifics of the application and products determine the best choice.
For increased product accumulation space, please check out our ML-Series conveyors.

Indexing Conveyors
Advancing the conveyor in steps can be achieved with a variety of drive and control options. Kelmatix conveyors allows for accurate positioning of products to interface with robots or other machines, or to meter products into the next operation.

Line Access
Access to equipment, work areas, and the efficient movement of personnel can be provided by utilizing lift gates, creating a conveyor gate that is easily lifted open for walk-through access.

Material Handling Conveyors
Our material handling conveyors are used throughout the whole production/inspection/assembly/packaging cycle. These conveyors can be used at ground level, overhead, side-by-side, incline, or decline. They can feed parts to machinery or operators, move parts through a machine or station, and handle the output of a machine or station to the next level.

Packaging Conveyors
Kelmatix packaging conveyors are designed and engineered to meet the needs of various packaging environment. We offer a full line of aluminum and sanitary designed stainless steel conveyors. Together with the lowest profile, these conveyors are available in any widths and length.

Production Line
The conveyor line that delivers products throughout your entire operation is critical to your success. Kelmatix conveyors can be flexibly combined to transfer products around equipment, change elevation, or combine the output of various machines and workstations.