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Monitor Mounting Systems
When it is not possible to have monitors simply resting on the console worksurface, a monitor mounting system is required. This need may be brought about by limited worksurface real estate or because the quantity of monitors is such that stacking (one monitor atop another) is required.

In respect to monitor mounting systems, we take the approach in which the needs of the customer, in relation to the operational requirements is of paramount importance. This approach may point us in the direction of third party mounting systems, toward our own in-house designed and manufactured mounting units or toward a hybrid compilation of third party and in-house designs. The bottom line is that we want to make sure that we provide the best solution to you.

The key here is that we can supply the correct monitor mounting system for your needs, no matter the size of monitor(s) or the veiwability requirements of the operation.

Standard Amentities

  • Systems for Single, Multiple or Arrayed Monitors
  • Wiring Tubes Provided for Sit-Stand and Articulated Systems
  • All Aluminum Parts are Finished in an Attractive Brushed Long-Lasting Finish
  • All Steel Metal Parts are Finished in Long Lasting Powder Coat Paint
  • Bolted Panels Affixed with Non-Corrosive Hardware
  • 2 Year Parts and Labor Warranty
Optional Considerations

  • Mechanically Raised Monitor System (with or without Sit-Stand Worksurface)
  • Articulating Monitor Mounts
  • Task Lighting
  • Keyboard Systems
  • Slatwall Systems for Added Flexibility