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Robotic Machine Tending

Robotics are a reliable way to place and remove products from your process equipment. Using robots from various manufacturers (ABB, Fanuc, etc.), Kelmatix will develop and supply a complete turn-key solution to satisfy your needs. An upstream vision system can detect orientation and sort products depending on size, shape or color. The information is then transferred to a high-speed industrial robot or gantry system that will pick the product from a conveyor with either a gripping tool or suction cups.

Product removed from process equipment can be automatically tested for quality assurance and placed into a multitude of packaging or material handling containers.

Robotic Order Picking

As with machine tending, robotics can also be deployed to pick products in a distribution center environment. Interfaced directly with an order fulfillment system, a robot can pick products for orders from a carousel or pallet rack and place these products into packaging or material handling containers.

Robotic Palletizing

Once products have been produced and orders have been picked a robot may be a perfect solution to quickly assemble pallets for transport. Vision systems provide a means of providing the product orientation to the robot. The robot will then execute the motions to build the pallet in accordance with specified pallet parameters.