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Work Surface Support

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Upper and Lower Cooling Panels

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Impeccable Finishes


Reduce Fatigue with Kelmatix Sit-Stand Consoles!
The demands of 24/7/365 and Extended Shift Control Rooms increase the fatigue levels of your operators. There are also tasks (like during start-up and shut-down) that require increased mobility around the control room. With a Kelmatix sit-stand console system you can reduce fatigue while increasing awareness and mobility in your control room!

Stand up, Sit down, Work Efficiently
With the touch of a button you can raise your work-surfaces to saved or new positions to make your control room work better. Below are the general console and Sit-Down Specific standard amenities of a Kelmatix Sit-Stand Console System

General Standard Amenities

  • Solid Surface Beveled Comfort Edge
  • Long Lasting Laminate Work Surface
  • Unobstructed Under-Desk Knee and Foot Movement
  • Long Lasting Laminate Door Covering, Inside and Out
  • Front, Back and Top Access to Console for Wiring and Maintenance
  • 14 Guage Steel Tube Work Surface Support
  • Wiring Tube for Dynamic Work-Surface Movement
  • Heavy Duty Non-Bang Closing Hinges
  • Easy Grab, Brushed Aluminum Door and Drawer Pulls
  • 12 Gauge Metal Thickness Fabricated Base Modules
  • 5/16" Fastening Hardware used for Connector Panels
  • Welded Fabricated Base Modules
  • All Metal Parts are Finished in Long Lasting Powder Coat Paint
  • Separate Wire Trays for Signal and Power Wiring
  • Heavy Duty Computer Trays that Slide Out and Rotate
  • Easy-Level Leveling Feet
  • 2 Year Parts and Labor Warranty

Sit-Stand Specific Standard Amenities

  • LINAK® Lifting Columns are Used Extensivley
  • Up to 20 Inches of Vertical Movement
  • Set Your Favorite Postions with Memory Positions
  • Digital Display of Height.
  • 14 Guage Steel Work-Surface Support
  • Top of Console Access to Console Base While Work-Surface is Raised
  • 2 Year Parts and Labor Warranty with Purchased Equipment OEM Warrenty Pass-Through

If You Need More
Our sit-stand consoles will provide a complete, highly functional and robust work area. There may be other amentiies that your specific control room may require. If there are, we stand ready to provide it for you

Optional Considerations

  • Human Interface (HMI) Panels
  • Custom Monitor Mounting System
  • Sit - Stand Functinality
  • Solid Surface Work-Surfaces
  • Custom Casework (Filing Cabinets, Pencil, Storage and Filing Drawers)
  • Custom Credenza Work Surfaces
  • Custom Map Tables
  • Custom Roll-Around Filing Drawers
  • Forced Computer Cooling System
  • Hermetically Sealed Console

Whether You Go Static or Sit-Stand, Go Kelmatix
We're here to make sure that your control room operations are effective, efficient and safe. With Kelmatix, you can't go wrong!