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Unobstructed Work Area
Unobstructed Work Area

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Beveled Edging

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Impeccable Finishes
Impeccable Finishes


Custom means that You can have it Your Way!
We are a custom console manufacturer. With us, there's no need to shoe-horn stock components into your design. We build you what you need, to the design that you need, for the operation that you need. So you see, your needs are at the center of what we consider important!

Solid Construction for Long Life
From the most basic level of console fabrication, we build longevity into our console systems. Beginning with our modular console base units, which are fabricated from powder coated 12 gauge tube steel we build strength and long life into our products. Heavy duty 120 degree, self closing, non-bang hinges and heavy duty, easy glide, non-bang drawer slides means long life and quiet use. Durable laminate, solid surface and natural components finish off the beautiful appearance providing an impressive addition to your control room.

Operator Safety and Comfort
We build operator safety and comfort into all of our console systems. There is no out-rigging or supports extending beyond the console bases to impede chair and leg movement under the console surface. Beveled, solid surface, anti-bacterial comfort edging of the work surface helps to inhibit injury and provides much more comfort than hard edging could.

Optional additions such as a sit/stand work surface, custom case work, modular monitor mounting systems and Human Interface Panels increase functionality and saftey while reducing fatigue.

Easy Setup, Maintenance and Great Access
We bring our consoles to you assembled to the greatest level possible relative to your needs and available access to reduce the on-site installation time to a minimum. Once installed, the abundant under-console access with sliding and rotating computer trays provide easy component installation. In-console wiring is accomodated with seperate cable trays for power and signal leads. Ongong maintenance needs are very limited due to the robust design and heavy duty components.

In-Console Equipment Protection and Cooling
Our console modules provide exemplary protection against damage of your in-console installed components. Computer trays with optional harness straps enhance computer protection. In-console cooling is accomplished with our perforated metal passive cooling vents at the top and bottom of each console module. If additional in-console cooling is required, optional forced cooling systems can be installed.

Impeccable Finishes
Our finishes, from the powder coated steel to the high pressure laminate, solid surfaces, or natural wood and stone, on to the heavy duty hinges, door and drawer pulls are of very high quality to ensure an enduringly handsome look. You'll not have anything to worry about here.